Universal Consciousness


Infinite worlds appear and disappear in the vast expanse of my own consciousness, like motes of dust dancing in a beam of light • Yoga Vasishtha

we are made of sturdust

Each of us exists as a ripple in the field of conscious intelligence that gives rise to everything in the universe – our bodies, our planet, the stars, the galaxies…

Since we are an inseparable part of this underlying field of intelligence, we are also the source of all reality. In every moment of our existence we are co-creating our world with and in the universe. Everything we will ever know is a result of this creative process that takes place in our minds.

Both, the ancient wisdom traditions and modern science, tell us that our bodies, our minds, and the physical world around us, are projections of our consciousness. Only consciousness is real. Everything else is its projection. For better or for worse.

It is only the veil of illusion, or rather, as I call it, the veil of delusion – known in the ancient yogic tradition as maya – that keeps us from seeing that everything is pure consciousness. We delude ourselves constantly. We mis-take our own experience for the reality out there. We experience ourselves as separate from all that is.

However, when we pierce this veil, when we begin to finally see through it, we discover that universal consciousness permeates everything. Only then, we will be able to access our own unlimited creative potential.

Dominique Allmon

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