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Right Ingredients


Without love, loyalty, desires, passion, courage, dignities, faith, beliefs and all the other ingredients that go into making the human soul, something so elevated that only gods know its limits, we are only shells bobbing aimlessly in a calm sea of mediocrity. – Sylvester Stallone

right ingredients

Right ingredients is all we need to live an meaningful life. And while each of us has different emotional needs, no one wants to lead a meaningless existence. But is all we think we need necessary? Will it make us happy? Will it add meaning to our lives?

It is shocking to see celebrities fall from their pedestals. They seem to have everything one can only desire and yet, something is not quite right, something is missing. Didn’t you hear yourself say sometimes “She had everything. Why would she take drugs? Why would she start drinking?”

Material goods cannot substitute values, they cannot create happiness. Our possessions may give us a sense of security and comfort, but they can only give us satisfaction. Real happiness must come from within and is never bound to conditions.

Priorities are really twisted in a society where “to have” is more important than “to be” and where you “are” only when you “have” a lot. But for as long as our worth as human beings is defined by the amount of our possessions we are subjugating ourselves to pain and suffering.

Instead of teaching our children greed we should teach them respect for other human beings, for the animals, for the nature. There are things that are priceless and can never be bought and they have nothing to do with status, fame or power.

Don’t get me wrong. I am not dismissing wealth and personal success. But if this is all you are striving for you may never find real fulfillment. Take an honest look and try to build your emporium on the highest moral values. It will last much longer…

By Dominique Allmon