Ahamkara Mudra



Ahamkara mudra is one of the most powerful mudras for self-assertion and confidence. It helps the practitioner to combat fear and dispel timidity and find his or her center of being.

Ahamkara is a Sanskrit term to describe egoism, self-conceit or the self-consciousness. The word means literally “I-maker.”

To form ahamkara mudra bend your index finger slightly. Place your thumb on the middle phalanx of the index finger and exert a slight pressure Keep the middle, ring and small fingers stretched out.

Ahamkara mudra should be formed with both hands during meditation. You should be able to hold it for a few minutes and perform it on regular basis, especially if fear and doubt dominate your daily affairs. This mudra will help you strengthen your will to face difficulties without fear. It will empower you and give you courage on your personal journey.

By Dominique Allmon

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