Mourning for Those You Have Never Met


What makes us human is our ability to mourn people we’ve never met. – Alex Calderon

mourning for brussles

There is a clear line between humanity and savagery. You do not need to be a super-human being to be able to empathize and mourn for people you have never met, but you must have given up your humanity to perpetrate such atrocities as that of Brussels, Ankara, San Bernardino, or Paris.

In aftermath of the most recent terrorist attacks in Belgium unbearable pain, fear, frustration and anger may overshadow our ability to function, but not our ability to feel compassion for those who suffer. No amount of cowardly violence can take our humanity away.

Instead of sending hatred to those who hate us, send love to those affected by terrorist attacks. Offer help and support to those who need it now more than ever…

Dominique Allmon


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