Ahamkara is a Sanskrit term to describe egoism, self-conceit or the self-consciousness. I created this blog for everyone who wishes to grow emotionally and spiritually. I believe that personal transformation and growth can only occur if we embrace that person that we already are. We have the power to create a life of your dreams and desires.

the blog

I am a curious time and space traveler with an academic training in economic sciences, comparative religions and philosophy. I am fascinated with the brilliance of the human mind and the progress of science and technology.

Since the early years I am interested in the mind-body problem, philosophy of time, epistemology, and futurology as well as the Eastern thought and alternative ways of healing.

I strongly believe that to a great degree we are responsible for our own condition. Our bodies and our minds have the most remarkable ability to heal themselves. We simply have to allow them to do just that.

I am not a psychologist, but I am a very happy person who discovered that genuine happiness is possible, here and now. My articles are based on my own experience or the experience of others.

I am passionate about life and enjoy my journey in time and space together with an amazingly creative man.

Enjoy reading. And thank you for stopping by!

Dominique Allmon

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