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Thanksgiving Meditation


Tracy Cochran

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The model for our modern Thanksgiving was a celebration that happened in 1621, at the Plymouth Plantation in Massachusetts. The Wampanoag Native Americans helped the pilgrims cultivate the land and fish, saving them from starvation.

Giving and gratitude was a way of life for Native Americans, not just a special celebration of safe passage. Their generosity was not just kindness but initiation. They were inducting the mostly English settlers in a new way to be on this Earth—participating in every aspect of life as if it is sacred. Their pipe ceremony was a form of prayer like the pilgrim’s Lord’s Prayer. It portrayed and invoked the link between Earth and Heaven. Sharing the pipe invited participation in a great Truth–a Truth that cannot be frozen into human words because its origin is beyond us and because it is always in movement. Life is offered to us and always moving. The…

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